Aid Humanity: Transforming Lives, One Project at a Time
Helping Orphans

Helping Orphans

Aid Humanityis an Islamic organisation dedicated to helping people in need. Our mission is to provide assistance and support to orphans around the world, offering them a chance at a better life. We believe that every child deserves love, care, and the opportunity to grow and thrive.

What sets Aid Humanity apart is our commitment to transparency and ensuring that 100% of your donations go directly to those in need. We have a dedicated team on the ground in each country we operate in, ensuring that aid reaches the orphans we serve.

we transfer100%of your donation
we transfer100%of your donation

Orphans in Need of Sponsorship

Through our orphan service, you can browse through the profiles of orphans who are in need of sponsorship. Aid Humanity carefully vets each orphan's situation to ensure it is a genuine case, and we have dedicated individuals on the ground in each country to monitor and provide aid to them

Each orphan is displayed with details about their life and circumstancesYou will find a short description of the child, their age, the country they reside in, and the amount of sponsorship they need to give them a better life. The cost per month for sponsoring a child may vary depending on the country and the circumstances of the child.

We also show the duration for which a particular orphan has been waiting for sponsorship. This transparency allows you to see the urgency andmake a difference in a child's life.

Visit our website todayand explore the profiles of these deserving children. Your sponsorship can provide them with education, healthcare, nutrition, and the love they deserve.

Your support can make a significant impact on the life of an orphan. By sponsoring a child, you are providing them with access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and a loving environment. Aid Humanity ensures that 100% of your donation goes directly to the orphans.


To sponsor an orphan, follow these steps


Browse through the profiles of orphans in need of sponsorship


Select the child you wish to sponsor


Click on the “Sponsor Now” button on their profile page


Make a donation to support the child’s needs