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Aid Humanity is proud to be a non-profit organisation that passes 100% of our donations to charitable -top-1/4 around the world.

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A Pillar to consider

One of the 5 pillars of Islam is Charity (zakah), and our goal is to help muslims look for resources to help those in need. We believe that charity works best when the complexity and friction is removed, so we’ve created a simple platform that allows you to connect with, launch, and promote good -top-1/4 to people all over the world.
Exactly what you want to hear when it’s time to make a difference by bringing the charitable tenants of Islam together to solve global issues.


Our Promise

We take pride in our non-profit philosophy and promise to never take a penny of donations towards our running costs. We started to make a difference, we’re committed to making a difference, and with you by our side, we know we can seriously make a difference in communities all over the world. This is our promise to you, and we will always keep it.

When it’s time to change the world one little action at a time, nothing less will do.

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