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Being a Fundraiser

Being a Fundraiser

There’s nothing better in life than deciding you’re going to engage in an activity that makes life better for someone else. That’s why we want to make becoming a fundraiser as quick and easy as it should be:



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Searching for inspiration?

Explore our projects page for ideas on how you can help, or consider a few of the following if you want to look for a good cause you feel a closer personal connection to.

The unrest in Yemen is displacing millions and causing widespread famine

Authoritarian rule in Afghanistan continues to limit education and healthcare

Civil unrest in Sri Lanka is causing widespread hardship and unemployment

Seasonal devastation continues to kill millions every year in Bangladesh

The key thing that each and every one of these issues has in common is that they can be solved when we all come together. Give it some thought and then join us in making a real difference.

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